Babipur Challenge: Thank You Babipurians 

Are you ready for our new Instagram #BabipurChallenge?

We have a VERY special challenge this time, especially for our customers – we want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow, foster, and build our ethical brand idea that was once just dream… thank you for shopping with us, and thank you for believing in us

As Christmas is fast approaching, we’ve decided to give away a total of £200 in Babipur gift vouchers.

There will be FIVE Babipurchallenge winners in total – The First winner gets £100 with 4 runners up prizes of £25 each

We’ve provided some prompts for inspiration below to help give you some ideas. We encourage you to interpret the prompts in your own way. Share as little or as much as you like over the two weeks, each picture you share counts as an entry.

To take part in this challenge:

  1. Post pictures along with a caption explaining WHY YOU LIKE SHOPPING AT BABIPUR tagging us @babipur and using the #BabipurChallenge hashtag at the start of your post. You can enter as many times as you like during the two weeks and we have included prompts below help out.
  2. Your pictures can be photos of any of your Babipur goodies, favourite Babipur products, parcels or anything you think that relates to your story, get creative and have some fun!
  3. Follow @babipur on Instagram
  4. Have fun!

Photos must be posted from a public profile between 11am Friday 16th of November to 11am 30th of November (UK time). Full T&C’s available on our website. Not endorsed by or associated with Instagram.


Lifestyle changes inspired by Babipur

  • Tell us about any zero waste or sustainable swaps you’ve made or how your buying habits have changed since becoming a Babipur customer

The Babipur community – Hangout Facebook group

  • Tell us your favourite thing about the group. What does the Hangout mean to you?

Babipur Customer service

  • Tell us about your customer service experiences, advice you have been given or how it made a difference

Discovering new things with Babipur

  • What new things / products have you discovered or things you’ve learnt as a result of being a Babipur customer

How Babipur has inspired play

  • Tell us about any new play ideas that have been inspired by Babipur or members of the Babipur community

Team Babi Pur

  • Here’s your chance to shout out about any members of Team Babipur or the team as whole. You could use your Babipur goodies to create a caricature or portrait of the team / a team member for the photo

What makes you feel like a Babipurian?

  • Show us you Babi Pur pin badge
  • So many of you are the proud owner of our beautiful elephant pin badge in support of Ty Gobaith and Hope Hospice and we would love to see them

For this challenge there will be 5 winners. The first prize will be a £100 voucher to spend on any Babipur goodies you wish with 4 runners up prizes of £25 voucher each.

Pob Lwc!

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