The Wall and the Wild – New Book Cover Reveal!

The Wall and the Wild, Christina Dendy (author) & Katie Rewse (illustrator)

We have an exciting cover reveal to share with you today on International Day For Biodiversity, from the wonderful Lantana Publishing. We look forward to The Wall and the Wild, by Christina Dendy (author) and Katie Rewse (illustrator) joining the Babipur Book Club this autumn!

In a plot of land at the edge of town, Ana grows only  perfectly-sized plants and perfect-looking flowers, and  throws all the irregular shoots and uneven seeds over the  wall into the disorderly Wild. But as her garden gets tidier, neater and more constrained, the Wild begins to grow…

The Wall and the Wild, Christina Dendy & Katie Rewse

A garden for nature

In this book Ana, our hearing-impaired main character explores our view of what a garden actually is. Gardening and growing brings a sense of peace, connection to nature, mindfulness and healing to so many of us, in our otherwise busy and sometimes chaotic lives.

However, as we exert more and more control over our gardens and wider environments the balance starts to shift. As we desperately seek order and tidiness, we leave little room for the wonderful biodiversity of the natural world. This is reflected in the wider environment as our habitats and ecosystems are becoming less rich, and diverse.


How can we reverse this drive for order? Ana discovers by accident how, through rewilding, healthy ecosystems can be restored. There is beauty and positivity in diversity, and Ana pulls down the wall that she has placed between her tamed, orderly garden and the messy, complicated wilderness.

This book promotes the benefits of rewilding, and the balance of a healthy ecosystems. Find out how we can all play our part in environmental stewardship. At the back of the book is information comparing natural ecosystems to human communities. Celebrating diversity in all its wonderful forms.

The Wall and the Wild is a wonderful picture book to help children learn about ecology and biodiversity and how through rewilding we can bring nature back to our gardens. Beautifully illustrated by Katie Rewse in bright, bold colours which stimulate the senses.

About the creators

The Wall and the Wild is Christina Dendy’s debut picture book. An American author with a love of exploration, Christina has a wealth of experience in K-12 education publishing.

Finding inspiration in the outdoors, travel and adventure, illustrator Katie Rewse has been shortlisted for multiple awards. Based in Bournemouth on England’s south coast, she believes illustration has the power to inspire positive change.

Lantana has a mission to publish inclusive books and they are changing the game of publishing. Specialising in commissioning books that celebrate diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability, we knew there were a perfect partnership with Babipur. Find out more >HERE<

Huge thanks to Lantana Publishing for letting us be the first to reveal this wonderful new book to Babipurians. We look forward to putting it on our shelves in Autumn 2021! In the meantime, check out our lovely range of books from Lantana >HERE<

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  1. Huzzah! Thank you so much for sharing Ana and the Wild in such a lovely way! So excited to be paired with your wonderful book club.

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