World Blood Donor Day – Safe Blood Saves Lives

Safe blood for all

The delivery of safe blood is an essential part of every day medical care. Blood transfusion has a major role in life saving intervention. For example; pregnancy and childbirth, patients with bone marrow disorders, children with severe anaemia due to malaria and malnutrition, those who sustain traumatic injury due to emergencies or disaster, and for those requiring advanced medical procedures. Access to safe blood transfusion is a human right of accessing health. Safe blood saves lives.

World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor day is an annual awareness event to raise the profile of safe blood donation. An opportunity to spread the word about what individuals can do to help.

This awareness event is an opportunity to to celebrate all the current blood donors and give thanks to their contribution. By sharing the important message of blood donation with family, friends and colleagues, the hope is to encourage new donors to consider giving blood.

Blood donors make a huge contribution to their community. Individual action can really make a difference and actively save lives. Each blood donation can help up to three people receive life saving medical care. Without people like you, this would’t be possible.

Are you someones type?

So what can you do to help?

The good news is, there are so many ways to help! The world desperately needs enough safe blood for everyone, with someone needing blood every few seconds.

? Register to become a blood donar

? Become a platelet donar

? Commit to regular blood donation throughout the year

? Encourage family and friends to become blood donors

? Volunteer with the blood service

? Reach out to your community

? Share the message on social media

Check out this great video explaining what happens in the manufacturing process once blood is donated:

Share your story

There are so many amazing stories of blood saving lives. Our friend and colleague Maria has shared her life changing story with us, you can read this >HERE<

Please note Maria’s story is one of baby loss and life threatening trauma. Her courage, strength and survival is an inspiration to us all.

Safe blood saves lives.

Maria with husband Gary

If you are unable to give blood, there are still ways to help

For many reason, it is not possible for some people to be able to give blood. This can be upsetting for people when they really want to be able to help and give back to their community. There are ways you can help, some are listed above and here are some other suggestions:

? Help spread the word, on social media, within your community – to anyone that will listen!

? Become a volunteer driver or help at your blood donation site

? Register to become an organ donar

? Register to become a bone marrow donar

? Use your influence to encourage others to donate

Have some family fun with our blood fact sheet!

We have designed a fun fact sheet to share with you and your family! You can print one using this link:–World-Blood-Donor-Day.jpg

Register today

For more information visit NHS Blood and Transplant

Register to become a blood donor today:

Register for organ donation:

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