Close Pop-in Swim Nappy Review

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 Close Pop-in Swim Nappy Review

swimnappy2 Close Pop in Swim Nappy Review

Water is amazing for babies. Someone once told me “if your baby is upset, put her in water” and it works every time. We use her bath recreationally but she’s also had “swimming lessons” in an actual pool. The babies all have so much fun.

But did you know that if someone poos in a pool, they have to evacuate the pool, drain it, clean the pool and then refill and reheat the pool before it can be used again?

Swim nappies ensure your baby does not shut down the pool for the day while she’s having her fun.

The first thing you should know about swim nappies is they do not absorb wee. If your baby is in a swim nappy and she wees, you’ll get wet. That’s because anything worn in the water cannot be absorbent because it will just soak up the water and weigh your baby down, which isn’t helpful (or safe — if you’ve ever fallen off a boat wearing normal clothes, you’ll know what I mean!). So we have swim nappies whose only job is containment.

new colours.fw  Close Pop in Swim Nappy Review


excisting colours.fw  Close Pop in Swim Nappy Review

We were really excited to try the new Close Parent swim nappies in the new prints. When we got it, I was convinced it was too big for our Skinny Minny baby, even though we did get the right one for her size.
Was I ever wrong. The nappy fit like a glove. The waistband and leg bands really do hug tightly to the skin, which is exactly what it should do. It’s also exceptionally cute.

And yes, she did pee wearing it, and I did get wet.

The instructions suggest a disposable liner inside to make clean up easier if your baby does actually have a poo, and that’s a really good suggestion because getting the wet swim nappy off is a little awkward.
You could also just take it off in the showers, which would take care of any mess.All in all, the Close Parent swim nappy is cute and fits well, so it’s perfect for swimming lessons or hitting the beach. Just carry your baby well wrapped in a towel so you don’t get wee’d on!

swimnappy Close Pop in Swim Nappy Review

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Close Pop-in Newborn Nappies

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Close Pop-in Newborn nappies – they’re HERE!

newborn popin.fw  Close Pop in Newborn Nappies

Newborn nappy next to the birth to potty Pop-in and a look inside.

Newborn cloth nappies, they look cute but they’re pretty expensive right!…..  Wrong!

Close have come come up with another clever product that make newborn nappies more appealing and practical.  Put your baby in cloth from day 1 with the Pop-in newborn nappy!

This Close newborn pop-in nappy pack retails for £39.99 and includes 6 covers and 10 inserts making each nappy effectively £4.00.  If you bought 2 of these packs and used the nappies for 10 weeks the cost would be similar to that of disposable nappies for the same period depending on the brand.  That doesn’t take into account the fact you could sell them on afterwards or keep them for your next baby.

You don’t necessarily need newborn nappies, birth to potty nappies fit from around 7lbs, however they can be a bit bulky and some parents will prefer to use a smaller on their newborn.  Plus they are incredibly cute!

The Pop-in Newborn nappy is designed to be used right from birth on a newborn or premature baby.  The nappy has a wipeable cover with an absorbent insert so if the cover isn’t soiled you can simply wipe it and change the insert.  Each insert has two sides with 100% natural soya fabric one one side and stay dry suede fleece on the other, so you choose which is best for your baby.  The natural soya fabric will feel wet to the touch whereas the stay dry polyester fabric keeps wetness away from the skin.

close newborn inside Close Pop in Newborn Nappies

Other features include a contoured front so the nappy sits below the umbilical cord, scaled down Pop-in nappy design double leg gusset, velcro closure and waterproof leak stoppers at both ends.

We think the Pop-in Newborn nappy is a really well thought out nappy that’s both practical and affordable.  For the full Close range of Pop-in nappies and accessories head over to Babipur now.

Peter Barton

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HANA Baby Wrap review

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HANA Baby Wrap Review by Jacqui

hana baby wrap teal 1 HANA Baby Wrap review

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew one thing: I wanted a baby carrier. I’d used a buckle style carrier when I was 15 and had a full time babysitting job that summer. Watching a 9 month old and a 2 year old was made significantly easier because the infant didn’t monopolise the hands so desperately needed for keeping a 2 year old alive.

The hands free benefits of wearing your baby are probably the most obvious. With a good carrier, you don’t have to fit that buggy in the boot when you go shopping; you can walk your toddler by the hand while your infant sleeps happily on your chest or takes in the scenery from your back; you can get the dishes done when your baby won’t let you put her down.

For a newborn, the best kind of carrier you can use is a stretchy wrap. It really doesn’t matter how small your baby is. By the time she is healthy enough to leave the hospital, she is more than ready to be carried snug, next to her mother or father’s body. Stretchy wraps can even be useful for “kangaroo care” in hospital with premature babies.

There are many different stretchy wraps available, but the nicest I have tried is the Hana Baby bamboo wrap. Stretchy and supportive, the fabric is breathable but warm. Crucially, it is easily laundered and even tumble dried (very useful if you only have one and it’s as used as ours is!), and after 4 months of use, this doesn’t seem to have degraded the wrap in the slightest.

The tying of the wrap sometimes puts people off. They think it looks complicated, and the last thing any new mom needs is something complicated to learn. I started carrying my daughter when she was 3 weeks old and I can say that I’d tied a useable tie on my first try and by the 3rd try, it was as solid a tie as I do now, four months on.

For us, the real benefit was not out shopping, or doing the washing up, or any of the things I envisioned being made simpler by a baby carrier. While it certainly worked for all those things, the fact that my colicky baby found comfort when I would put her in the wrap was, by far, the most amazing benefit. My mother thought it was magical.

I could tie the wrap in the morning and leave it on all day, popping my daughter in whenever she was struggling to nap (or even burp or have a bowel movement). She’d almost instantly fall asleep and sleep comfortably and secure, happy to be with her Momma and I was happy to have a quiet content baby while I was free to do other things.

As a new mom, having my baby so close to me helped me too. Carrying her made me less anxious and more confident. Cuddling is good for happiness hormones!

We have also noticed that carrying her in the Hana wrap has helped her develop strong head and neck control. We may have been less than vigilant in doing “tummy time” (because she hates it and we hate it when she screams), but her developmental check showed that she had exceptional head and neck control, and I suspect that’s from being nosey and looking about while she’s in the wrap!

If you’re expecting, or you have a small baby, a Hana wrap will make life that bit easier and cuddlier. And if you’re petite, there’s a “shorty” version that means you won’t be left with reams of fabric hanging off you when you’re done securing your baby. If you’re not petite, don’t let that stop you — I use the regular version with plenty of fabric to spare and am easily a size 18-20. Happy wrapping!

HUGE thanks to Jacqui for reviewing the HANA baby wrap.    HANA wraps can be purchased online at Babipur

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Introducing the Hana Baby Wrap

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hana baby wrap babipur Introducing the Hana Baby Wrap


Here at Babi Pur we’re proud to add the Hana Baby Wrap to our line up of baby carriers and slings.  We had a number of customers tell us how much they loved their Hana Wrap and so we decided to get them in.   Hana Baby Wrap is a stretchy wrap made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton with a hint of elastane.  This combination creates a lightweight and thin baby wrap that naturally regulates temperature keeping baby warm in winter and cool in summer.  A stretchy wrap for all seasons and climates.

Carrying your baby with a wrap keeps your baby held close and securely helping them to feel calm, content and confident.  We can’t think of a better way to carry a newborn whether out and about or just in the house.  A stretchy wrap is also great for the wearer because your baby’s weight is distributed incredibly well across the entire back and shoulders.  Stretchy wraps are suitable from birth to around 27lbs (18 months) but they are often recommended for the first 8 months or so as the best carrying option.

Key features of the Hana Baby Wrap

  • A wrap around (stretchy wrap) baby sling offering full head and neck support for baby
  • Carries your baby in the correct position for hip development without putting pressure on the pelvis or spine
  • Distributes weight across the wearers shoulders and back
  • Made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton
  • Thinner and lighter than most baby wraps
  • Breathable and temperature regulating
  • warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Eco friendly materials and ethically manufactured
  • Natural UV filter
  • Fits you perfectly, no buckles or fasteners, simply tie around your waist

The Hana Wrap comes in a one-size fits all and also a ‘shorty’ version for petite people or those who prefer a bit less fabric.

Shop for the Hana Baby Wrap range at Babi Pur here

You can download the TICKS babywearing recommendations here which is always a brilliant reference when carrying your baby in a carrier or sling.

Peter Barton


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Win a Snowdonia Log Cabin Break AND £200 Babi Pur Vouchers!


blog size Win a Snowdonia Log Cabin Break AND £200 Babi Pur Vouchers!


How would you like a weekend log cabin break in Snowdonia as well as £200 to spend on absolutely anything at Babi Pur?

Here at Babi Pur we’re  excited to team up with our friends from Trawsfynydd Holiday Village once again this year to give away this fantastic prize.  The winner will receive a 2 night stay in a 3 bedroom log cabin that sleeps 6 on the weekend of 9th – 11th May 2014 plus a £200 voucher to spend with Babi Pur on cloth nappies, organic clothing, natural toys or whatever you like for your little ones.

The Weekend Break will be in Cabin 343, a gold graded 3-bedroom self catering log cabin sleeping up to 6 people.  It is located on the outskirts of the play area on the Holiday Village and has a good sized double bedroom, a twin bedroom and a bunk bedroom. It has a sizeable kitchen-diner which is open plan with the lounge and a bathroom with large shower.  It has a large decked area with some views up to the Rhinog Mountains and the play area and parking is directly next to the cabin.

Trawsfynydd Holiday Village is only a 15 minute drive from Babi Pur Towers, so you could always pop in for a “panad” and to spend your winnings!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Totsbots Stretchy Wrap Review

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stretchywrap Totsbots Stretchy Wrap Review

This Totsbots Stretchy wrap review has been written by Jacqui after testing the nappy on her gorgeous baby (pictured above) who weighs 13lb 

I have a lot of faith in 2 part nappies. For night time, and for times when you’re just expecting something nasty, nothing can beat them for absorption and containment, which are the two really important things that nappies do.

I also love my Tots Bots Easyfit V4s, as you may remember from an earlier review, and so I was delighted to receive a Tots Bots Stretchy Wrap in one of the new prints to try out.

The new Tots Bots Stretchy wrap is way better looking than the older Tots Bots wraps. In fact, it looks exactly like the very popular Easyfits. Good call, Tots Bots! The size 2 wrap is touted as a birth to potty size, meaning that for all but very small babies, this wrap would fit them from birth to when they no longer need a nappy. The given size range is 9-35lbs. The same goes for the Bamboozle Stretch we used to test the wrap. The Bamboozle Stretch is a bamboo nappy that fits the same size range as the wrap.

The Bamboozle fit perfectly. It’s bulky, but when you think it’s supposed to fit a 35lb toddler, you expect it to be a tad bulky on my 13lb baby. Unfortunately, the wrap did not fit. It wasn’t wildly oversized, but there was significant gaping around the thighs. That was disappointing. The wrap itself is lovely, soft and stretchy (as the name suggests) with the lovely Sixpence print on it. But if a wrap doesn’t fit around the thighs, it won’t do its job.

I took to some Facebook pages known to be hangouts for Tots Bots enthusiasts. Turns out a good few people had the problem, all thinking they were the only ones, and they’d set the wraps aside thinking it’d fit them later. People were finding the wraps were baggy around the thighs of their younger babies. Mothers with toddlers were finding the fit excellent. Still, a few tried it out and found that despite the looseness, they weren’t getting any leaks.

I decided we’d give it a try. It’s been in my regular rotation now for a couple of weeks and we haven’t had any leaks and two days ago, I noticed that the wrap finally fit her around the thighs. It still feels lose, but it fits. But when I say we haven’t had any leaks, I also have to specify that it hasn’t really been very well tested. Using a Bamboozle during the day means it has never been fully saturated, and my daughter has never obliged with an event that might test the “containment” abilities.

The big test

Since the wrap appears to fit her well around the thighs now, we decided to give it the proper test. She’s going to wear it at night. After all, for me, that’s where any 2 part nappy solution shines.

She’s heading to her cot now, at 8pm, in her Bamboozle Stretch, the included bamboo booster, a fleece liner and her Tots Bots Stretchy Wrap. My daughter still wakes a few times at night for feeds and will typically not have her nappy changed until after 7am. So… 11 hours and about 8oz of milk later, what will we find?

The result!

She slept until 7.30 this morning and she was dry as a bone. The wrap was securely in place and the Bamboozle was still not saturated.

At the end of the day, the wrap works even if the loose elastic around the thighs makes me nervous. That said, if your baby is under 15lbs, you’re probably better off with the size 1 Bamboozle and Stretchy Wrap

Jolene Barton

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Totsbots Easyfit V4 review

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EF4review.fw  Totsbots Easyfit V4 review

Totsbots Easyfit V4 Review

The review below has been written by Jacqui after testing the nappy on her gorgeous 3 month old baby (above)

If there’s one thing Tots Bots know how to do, it’s to make cloth nappies adorable. There are Facebook pages devoted to Mummies who are trying to get a complete set of Tots Bots prints, so it’s no surprise that when Tots Bots made their big announcement about Version 4, that most people were waiting with baited breath on the new prints.

And the prints are adorable, as usual. The nursery rhyme themed nappies definitely do not disappoint. The real improvements though, will be better appreciated in the busy shuffle of every day life — the reintroduction of bamboo as the primary absorbent fabric.

I have 2 Tots Bots prints already — a Version 2 Cherrylicious and a Version 3 Frugi Rainbow Spot print. The Rainbow Spot is almost entirely decorative unboosted, even on my 3 month old. The Version 2, however, is a champion absorber.

The day the Tots Bots Easyfit V4 arrived at my door, I was on my way to the hospital (just a check up, but I knew I’d be spending time in the waiting room and wanted to have a look!) so I grabbed one, shoved it in the changing bag and ran. As it happens, she needed a change while we were there, so we tried the V4 for the first time, unwashed, on the floor of the day ward. I didn’t use the included booster.

The new V4s are slightly taller than the older models and the insert is shorter (so don’t use the instructions on the Tots Bots website, they’re for the V2 and you don’t have enough on the insert to double it over.) If you need extra, they include a “binky” (Bamboo + minky) booster that snaps onto the insert. Despite the extra height in the new Easyfit V4, I found the fit on my 3 month old to be better than the older versions.

It was 3 hours later when we returned home. You know that moment when you know you’ve left a nappy too long and you’ve resigned yourself to wet clothes and a buggy that will need a wash? Yeah, I walked in the door feeling like that. (I always seem to do this when testing a nappy — not very sensible!)

She was dry! I mean, she’d had a wee, because she’d had a big feed in the hospital, but her clothes were fine and the buggy was safe, and I was one happy Momma.

When they were all tipped out of the wash, I lined up the V2, V3 and a V4 together on the clothes airer. The V3 dried so quickly it was embarrassing. The V4 took almost as long as the V2, but as you can imagine, the V2 has reached full absorbency a long time ago. The V4 showed that it certainly retains wetness far better than the V3, even though it still incorporates the very soft minky.

I have since gotten 4 hours out of a boosted V4 that had only been washed once. These nappies don’t just look good — they do a great job.

So if you’ve been thinking about trying Tots Bots, now is the time. If you were a Tots Bots devotee who gave up after V3 let you down, it’s time to try it again.

Shop online for TotsBots Easyfit V4 here at Babi Pur

This review has been written by Jaqui R

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Valentine’s Giveaway – Win Cloth Nappies & Luxury (dairy free) Chocolate!

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main banner Valentines Giveaway   Win Cloth Nappies & Luxury (dairy free) Chocolate!

LOVE is in the air… yes we can smell it (or is that baby poo?)   Whatever it is we have a LOVEly treat to give away in our Valentine’s competition this week.

  •  For baby we have 2 x Red Easyfit V4  nappies with “binky” inside
  • For Mum & Dad we have a box of Luxury Organic Champagne Chocolate Truffles by Booja-Booja

The new and improved Easyfit V4 nappies have now been launched on the Babi Pur website, and pre-orders are being sent as we type!  They’re available in brand new “rhyme time” prints as well as in 5 lovely rainbow colours.  Our competition winner will receive TWO of these nappies in the bright unisex ‘Poppet’ colour (red)

ALSO, we’ve teamed up with The Booja-Booja Company to give away a box of these delicious luxury Champagne Truffle Chocolates!  Booja-Booja is an independent manufacturer of chocolate truffles and Alternative to Dairy Ice Cream, based in Brooke, Norfolk. All of Booja-Booja’s products are organic, dairy free, gluten & soya free and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians; as well as being utterly delicious.

Please see below for details of how to enter our competition, please get your entries in by 11.59pm on Friday 14th February ’14 – Pob Lwc *Good Luck
a Rafflecopter giveaway



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V3 Wonderoos Nappies Review

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V3 Wonderoos Nappies Review

Wonderoos review cute baby.fw  V3 Wonderoos Nappies Review


The review below has been written by Jacqui after testing the nappy on her gorgeous 3 month old baby (above)

Wonderoos V3 are birth-to-potty pocket nappies. That means that you only buy one nappy and the nappy should fit your baby from the time she’s born to the time she wants to use the loo. That makes it pretty convenient and cost effective. Pocket nappies are convenient too because the outer part air dries very quickly, while the inner part may take longer, but is better equipped to handle a tumble dryer. The insert for the Wonderoos actually is folded in three, so it dries very quickly when it is unfolded. There are some lovely soft colours available for those of us who are almost just as concerned about our babies’ bums looking cute as we are about keeping things dry, and the Minky options have a softer, more luxury look to them.

First impressions:

The yellow colour I have is lovely and bright and the PUL fabric is very soft. The gathered fabric around the elastic is fascinating. I would have thought having the fleece on the outside would cause leaks rather than prevent it. The leg openings seem looser than the pocket we’re using at the moment.

The instructions on the packaging are not 100% obvious. Maybe I’m a bit addled with baby brain (but let’s face it, I’m Wonderoos’ target market) but I didn’t find the two inserts straightforward after reading through the instructions just once. After a couple of reads, I figured it out. There are two inserts, a bamboo insert, and a 3 layered microterry insert. They say the microterry insert is for “when your baby is small”, but they don’t give any suggestion as to the definition of “small”. Given that the nappy is a birth-to-potty, I don’t know if my long, slim 3 month old qualifies as small. She’s certainly small compared to a 2 year old. We will try it both ways. She is a heavy wetter and we’ve had leaks with almost every nappy we’ve tried, so I doubt the small insert will do the trick. I am willing to risk a leak or two for the sake of finding out.

I primarily use pocket nappies with poppers, so I’m familiar with the basic workings. The poppers on the Wonderoos are really good. They fasten definitively and don’t pop open. You’d think that’s a given, but I have a few nappies with awkward poppers. I note as well the absence of a hip popper to prevent wing droop. They manage to accomplish this without the extra popper by making the two poppers on each tab far apart. It’s simple and it works. Happy days.

If I had one criticism, I’d say that they could use a third, centre popper on the riser just for appearances sake. It’s hardly necessary, but the front looks a little sloppy.

The instructions say to give it 2 washes before using it, and that it will take several more before the nappy is at full absorbency. I’m impatient, so I gave it one wash and was going to give it a go when my daughter peed all over the nappy while I was messing with the waist poppers, instead of in the nappy, so we have to wait until the next wash. Apparently she is a stickler for following directions.

Trial day 1:

The nappy is washed and dry and today and my daughter and I are going to Aldi because there’s a baby sale on. So we’re going to try the “small baby” setting while out and about. As much as I like to live on the edge, she’ll be travelling with a prefold under her bum in the buggy. The nappy is so small and light with only the microterry insert. I’d be buying every Wonderoos I could get my hands on if I can get away with this on her.

Moment of Truth:

Two hours after the nappy went on — nicely fit, I may add, I was grabbing her out of the buggy, sure that I’d feel a wet bum. Colour me delighted! After two hours — and she did have a wee — not a leak in sight. She was quite wet, so I expect I would probably use the bamboo insert instead, for her own comfort, but I am very impressed that there were no leaks with only the small insert.

Trial Day 2:

Today we tried the bamboo insert. Definitely makes the nappy chunkier — far more along the lines of the usual nappies she wears. We left it on for more than 3 hours. I felt her back and it felt cool so I worried we’d had a leak. When I changed her, there were not leaks, and the insert wasn’t even fully wet. I think the soft PUL fabric is quite thin, and it’s easy to feel the coolness of the wet insert, so it gives a false feeling of a leak. Still impressed. That bamboo insert had only been washed once.

Trial Day 3:

There wasn’t going to be a day 3, honestly, but as usual, I am not in charge here. On day 3, our tester-in-charge was wearing her Wonderoos when she had a not so solid poo, and lots of it. She was in her swing, so I didn’t know about it until I decided to change her. She was covered inside the nappy, but nothing outside it. I have a lot of faith in this nappy and it is now often the first chosen.

All in all, we’re super impressed. It looks good, feels good and it really does a great job. After a few more washes, it should be even more absorbent. There are some lovely bright colours and the Minky option looks very luxurious. We will be adding some of these to our stash for sure.

This review has been written by Jaqui R

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TotsBots Easyfit 4 with new Binky fabric

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easyfit4 TotsBots Easyfit 4 with new Binky fabric


Tots Bots Easyfit 4

Bamboo is BACK!  The new TotsBots Easyfit 4 has a clever new fabric at it’s core, a natural cotton and bamboo blend on top that sits next to baby’s skin and soft fast drying minky on the reverse.  This means you get a whole lot MORE absorbency but the drying time is still up there with the fastest around.  And if you need MORE absorbency…. well each Easyfit 4 comes with a pop in booster pad which is great news for heavy wetters and night nappies.

easyfit binky TotsBots Easyfit 4 with new Binky fabric

Easyfit Binky Fabric

The absorbent core of the new TotsBots Easyfit 4 is made from this clever new “Binky” fabric.  See what they did there?  Bamboo…. Minky…. = Binky

Natural fibres like bamboo and cotton are more absorbent than man made fibres like minky and microfibre (polyester) but the downside is they take longer to dry…. a lot longer!  So TotsBots have combined these fabrics to create a core that is really absorbent with natural fibres sitting next to baby’s skin and a minky reverse that speeds up drying time as well as storing wetness away.

This means the new Easyfit 4 is now much more absorbent than before with a small increase in it’s drying time plus you also get the benefits of having natural fibres next to baby’s bum.

easyfit 4 nappy TotsBots Easyfit 4 with new Binky fabric

Easyfit 4 Nappy

Everything we love about the Easyfit is retained in the new Version 4 nappy.  All-in-one design that’s simple to use with a fold out core to aid fast drying.  The main difference is the inclusion of a booster that can be poppered into the nappy offering even more absorbency when you need it.

  • One size fits from 7-35lbs
  • All-in-one, easy to use, no cover required
  • Stretchy material gives a nice snug fit
  • Mother and Baby GOLD award winning design

As with all TotsBots nappies the new Easyfit 4 will be made in Britain to the highest standard.  Titanium sewing needles and waterproof threads, these little details make TotsBots stand out and give you great performance.

Our thoughts on TotsBots Easyfit 4 nappy

Well we’re a big fan of natural fibres and we think the small trade off in drying time is well worth it for the extra performance.  An all-in-one that combines this many features could well set a new standard.

We can’t wait to get these out for testing!  Such a shame we don’t have a baby tester in the Babi Pur household anymore icon sad TotsBots Easyfit 4 with new Binky fabric

Tell us what you think of the new Easyfit 4 design and if you’d like to do some real world testing for us leave a comment below.
Peter Barton

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