Outfit of the Day for Kids ages 3-6 years

Outfit of the Day

It’s a little chilly here in Snowdonia today. Not sure if it’s Hurricane Gonzalo’s little visit or if Winter really is upon us. Either way we took it as upon ourselves to wear woolly cardigans and have some homemade soup with crusty bread for lunch.

In honour the colder weather, this outfit is sure to keep your little ones roasty toasty warm in the cold weather -

The Frugi Daisy Polka Dots Snuggle Fleece, fab spotty Frugi big spot trousers, Piccalilly Poinsettia Stripy hat with matching Poinsettia dog scarf for the girls

frugi outfit Outfit of the Day for Kids ages 3 6 years

And the Frugi Navy Explorer Coat, Frugi Check Snugs, Piccalilly Kelly Green Sausage Dog Stripe Scarf and Piccalilly Kelly Green Stripe Hat for the boys.

boys outfit 2110141 Outfit of the Day for Kids ages 3 6 years

Head over to the Babi Pur website to check out the full range of kids clothes ages 3-6 years.


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GroVia ‘My Choice’ Trainer Pant

The GroVia My Choice Trainer Pant at Babi Pur

Some funky new training pants have arrived here at Babi Pur – the GroVia My Choice Trainer pants. They come in 4 lovely colours – Blackberry, Vanilla, Surf and Cloud

trainer pant colours blog GroVia My Choice Trainer Pant

The trainer pant includes the trainer body and 2 side interchangeable side panels.

The side flex panels make it easy for your little one to pull them up and down helping the transition from nappy to potty and the popper fastening make them easy for you to pop them on and off. They’re also interchangeable so you can mix and match the colours, creating some snazzy colour combinations.

The outside of the trainer body is made from a super durable waterproof TPU layer with a polyester ‘GroCool’ lining on the inside, which means your child will know when the nappy is wet. The core is made from a cotton/hemp blend, ensuring any little wee’s get caught while the handy hidden pocket provide the option of adding booster for extra absorbency – great for some extra protection during naps or night time.

grovia training pant features GroVia My Choice Trainer Pant

Here at Babi Pur we offer a wide range of training pants, click here to head over to the website to check them out.


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Wooden Play Food

Food, glorious food!

Play food is a great way to encourage a love of healthy eating in children, as they learn all about the different colours and textures of food. Wooden or fabric play food can also be great for teaching children how to share as they play, as well as learning about colours, counting and shape sorting. We think play food is a fantastic addition to any toy box, and we’ve got a brilliant range for you to choose from on the Babi Pur shelves.

Even teeny babies can enjoy fabric play food with these gorgeous fair trade Pebble Cupcake Rattles. These little cupcakes are good enough to eat and babies will love giving them a good old shake to hear the rattle inside. And older children will love to use them for baking and tea-party games too. And they also come in a Doughnut Rattle and an Ice Cream Rattle design too.

pebble knitted cakes Wooden Play Food

For older children who love to mess about with their play kitchens or some good old fashioned tea-party and cooking games, we’ve got loads of great additions to their play foods. Starting with some of the fabric play food, how about this brilliant Haba Grilled Chicken? It looks as good as the real thing! And, the drumsticks and wings are stuck on with velcro so your budding chef can serve up different parts of the chicken for tea.

grilled chicken Wooden Play Food

And if chicken on it’s own is a bit bland, don’t worry! How about some gorgeous fabric mushrooms? Our Haba Mushroom Pack comes with six cute little fabric ‘shrooms, or the bright and bold Haba Strawberry. Strawberries and chicken anyone, yum!

strawberry play Wooden Play Food

The wooden play food we have in stock is just brilliant! We absolutely love this fantastic Hape Homemade Pizza, which is made from sustainable wood and all natural and non-toxic paints. It all comes apart so kids can choose their favourite toppings (or throw them all on!), pop it in the play oven and then slice it up with the cute wooden slicer and spatula that comes with the set. Oh, and don’t forget to divide it up for everyone, and not eat it all!

homemade pizza Wooden Play Food

hape pizza Wooden Play Food

There are lots of other “slice-able” and “chop-able” wooden play food too, like this adorable Plan Toys Fruit & Vegetable Play Set. All the pieces “cut” in half with the knife, so your little chefs can slice and chop to their hearts content.

wooden veg set Wooden Play Food

So why not release your childrens’ inner foodies and let them play chef tonight? They’ll serve you up a tasty treat with some delicious and hearty play food from Babi Pur.


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Win a Wonderoos Halloween Kit

wonderoos halloween.fw  Win a Wonderoos Halloween Kit

Win a Wonderoos Halloween kit from Babi Pur

Wonderoos are the original one-size pocket nappy!  The Wonderoos V3 offers a host of features to provide great comfort for baby, easy of use and convenience for parents and an economical choice for keeping baby dry.  The nappies and wet bags are available in a rainbow of colours and for added cute factor there’s a super fluffy and strokable minky range too.  Here are the key features of the Wonderoos V3;

  • One size from birth to toddler, larger than most birth to potty nappies
  • Soft stretchy fleece pocket keeps baby comfy and feeling dry
  • Gentle leg & waist elastic and seems protected with soft fleece
  • Simple popper fastening gives a long lasting and secure fit
  • Combination of bamboo and microfibre fabric inserts for the best results
  • Pocket design with waterproof outer, no wrap required
  • Choice of PUL colours and funky fluffy minky

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning the Wonderoos Halloween kit which contains one PUL nappy and one Minkee nappy in Apricot and Lime (aka scary Pumpkin and Slime!)  and a blackberry minkee wetbag (aka a scary Witches pouch) you can enter our fun competition below… pob lwc mwhahahahahahaha!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Musical Instruments for Babies

Babies and small children just love music – the noisier the better, and it doesn’t matter whether its tuneful or not! Even before they were born, soft music and lullabies have a calming effect on babies in the womb, and some studies have shown that in the months after they’re born, babies respond positively to a tune they heard often whilst their mothers were pregnant with them.

In fact, music plays such an important role in the development of babies that some therapies for premature babies involve playing music for them, and research found that it was a good tool for weight gain.

Sharing music with your baby and toddler is also a great way to bond with them. Share your favourite songs, dance them around the living room or teach them the dance moves to songs from your own childhood. Music gives an instant boost to your mood and spirit.

So it’s no wonder that babies love to make their own music. And giving them a simple instrument to play and experiment with can help them with language and listening skills, problem solving and key motor skills, as well as boosting their creativity and self expression!

PLN 64052 Oval Xylophone Musical Instruments for Babies

Plan Toys Oval Xylophone

Here at Babi Pur we’ve got some fantastic musical instruments for babies and children. Small babies will love grabbing and shaking instruments, so these Hape Melody Maracas are great for small hands to clutch, as are these colourful Hape Mini Maracas. Both are suitable from aged 12 months, but kids of any age will love to grab and shake and see what sounds they make!

melody maracas Musical Instruments for Babies

HapeMiniMaracas Musical Instruments for Babies

We also love these colourful Plan Toys Fish Castanets. Such a gorgeous design and simple sounds, but babies will love giving them a good old rattle and shake to make the fishies clap. They’re suitable for children over 12 months.

PLN 6406 Fish Castanet Musical Instruments for Babies

And the Educo Baby Zylophone is just brilliant for little hands and ears. The simple design and bold colours will really appeal to babies (it’s suitable for any child over 12 months) and the zylophone is made with non-toxic paint and glue so it won’t matter if it ends up being chomped on! Each wooden panel plays a different note when it’s hit with the stick so babies will love giving them a good bashing to see which notes they can hit next.

educo baby xylophone Musical Instruments for BabiesFor slightly older children, the Plan Toys Clatter Musical Toy and the Plan Toys Solid Drum are great for helping to teach your children rhythm, and for banging and clapping along with them. Both these are suitable for babies over 19 months, and as with all Plan Toys, they are made from natural and sustainable materials that are safe for your baby.

plan toys clatter Musical Instruments for Babies

And finally, for something a bit different, these Haba Musical Shaking Eggs are just mesmerising to toddlers. There are five brightly coloured “eggs” in the set and each one makes a different noise when your child picks it up and gives it a good shake. Push them, roll them, shake them or wobble them. These eggs are great fun!

habamusicaleggs Musical Instruments for Babies


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Wooden Toys & Puzzles for Babies & Toddlers

We all know that playing is one of the best ways for kids of all ages to learn a huge number of different skills, from co-ordination to language to maths. And here at Babi Pur we’ve got a great range of baby play puzzles like wooden jigsaws for babies, shape sorters and block toys that will spark little imaginations and get kids thinking outside the box as they build, create, put-together, knock down and sort out. Our selection of wooden block and play puzzle toys are suitable for a huge range of ages – from birth to 7+ years!

Firstly, we love these bright and colourful wooden jigsaws from fair trade toy maker Lanka Kade. They are super cute and recommended for use from around 18 months but they look fab on the toy shelf before this age too. Babies and toddlers love their simple designs and bold colours.  They help babies develop simple problem solving skills, as well as counting and colours.  There’s the Lanka Kade snail 1-10 jigsaw, elephant jigsaw, train 1-10 jigsaw, dolphin 1-5 jigsaw and little baby elephant jigsaw.  All these lovely wooden jigsaws are handmade by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka from rubber wood, and are all Fair Trade.

Baby jigsaw.fw  Wooden Toys & Puzzles for Babies & Toddlers

For slightly older children, and to tap into the problem solving side of a toddler’s brain, as well as honing fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination we’ve got these brilliant colourful wooden shape sorters and puzzles. Just line up the shapes and slot them into place. Small children will just love the satisfaction of getting them all right! The Plan Toys Marine Puzzle, featuring your favourite sea creatures, as well as the Plan Toys Vehicle Puzzle, to learn all about planes, trains and automobiles….. These are both suitable for children aged over 12 months.

Plan Toys.fw  Wooden Toys & Puzzles for Babies & Toddlers

Other play puzzles on the Babi Pur shelves include this beautiful wooden stacking toy from Janod. The Janod Rocket is such a simple design, kids love the bold colours and happy, smiling astronaut. This play puzzle separates into five different pieces which are all stacked and held together by magnets to create the colourful rocket. A really lovely, quality and timeless wooden toy.

janod rocket Wooden Toys & Puzzles for Babies & Toddlers

And we don’t think that play puzzles and blocks are just for small children either. We’ve got lots of great ideas that will entertain older kids, from age 3 upwards. This beautiful Plan Toys castle block set from Plan Toys means your little ones not only get to rule over their own castle, but they can also design and build it exactly how they like. There are 35 pieces in the set, including walls, turrets and even knights with their horses, and it works great on it’s own, or to add to other block sets. We think that this kind of wooden building block set encourages kids to use their imagination through role play and creative thinking.

PL5651 Castle Blocks 1024x678 Wooden Toys & Puzzles for Babies & Toddlers

So whatever your age, Babi Pur will help you have a very happy and creative playtime!


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