Organic Baby Nightgowns at Babi Pur

Did you know that in a day, the average newborn baby spends between 16 and 20 hours fast asleep? If only it was all in one chunk! Newborns usually sleep in intervals of between 2 and 4 hours, waking frequently to eat, and to check in with mum and dad for a cuddle and a kiss, because newborns love to feel close to their parents.

One thing that can make sleep times cosier and more comfortable for your baby (and so hopefully more peaceful for you), is one of our gorgeous organic baby nightgowns. These are brilliant for bedtime because they keep babies lovely and cosy and warm.

This organic baby nightgown from ethical baby clothes producer Little Green Radicals is super natural and made from 100% undyed cotton, so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of newborn skin. The elasticated bottom means that overnight nappy changes are a doddle (no poppers or zips to undo), and it’s got a wide envelope neck so it’s really easy to get on and off. It comes in two sizes, 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

undyed organic baby gown 258x300 Organic Baby Nightgowns at Babi Pur

We’ve also got some lovely organic cotton nightgowns from eco-baby fashion brand Frugi. Their nightgowns come in a cute busy bumble bee design or in natural cotton. They are made from super soft organic cotton, and as well as an elasticated bottom for easy nappy changes, they’ve also got poppers at the neck so they’re easy to get on and off, and they’ve got integral scratch mits to stop the night time itches. Comes in one size, suitable for 0-6 months approx.

frugi organic night gown Organic Baby Nightgowns at Babi Pur

busy bees nightgown Organic Baby Nightgowns at Babi Pur

And, if you’re looking to brighten up baby’s bed-time then look no further than our lovely range of organic cotton nightgowns for babies, by fabulous ethical brand Picalilly. Their prints never fail to disappoint us, they are gorgeous. Choose from the cheeky apple print, the beep-beep car print, the pretty daisy print or the rainy day cloud print.

Untitled 1.fw  Organic Baby Nightgowns at Babi Pur

These organic cotton baby nightgowns from Picalilly are great because they’ve got a drawstring bottom for easy night changes, an envelope neck opening for fuss-free dressing, and as usual, they are made from lusciously soft organic cotton. And if that’s not enough, these great nightgowns also come in the brilliant Picalilly London design prints, as well as the crazy caterpillar and funky floral. Comes in one size (0-6 months approx), and there are lots of other matching items such as hats, mits, bodies and muslins so your baby can be head to toe in adorable prints!

Untitled 2.fw  Organic Baby Nightgowns at Babi Pur

So brighten up your baby’s bedtime tonight with a super cosy organic baby nightgown from Babi Pur.

View our full range of organic and ethical baby nightwear, nightgowns and pyjamas here.


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An experience of Baby-Led Weaning

From guest blogger – Sioned Bannister

When the time came to introduce my baby Isla to solid foods, I was pretty excited. Mainly because I love, love, love food, of all shapes, sizes and varieties, so I was really hoping that Isla would take after me and enjoy exploring a new food-filled world. And, after five solid months of breastfeeding, I think we were both ready for some new tastes and experiences.

26th February 61 An experience of Baby Led Weaning

Isla has her first taste of brocolli, yum.

I loved the concept of Baby-Led Weaning because it just seemed to make so much sense to me. Why limit a baby to pureed carrot and apple, when they’re capable of eating much more solid food straight away, and at their own pace?

So just what is baby-led weaning? It’s basically a way of introducing solid food that lets your baby feed herself. There are no spoons and no purees so the theory is that it’s easy to feed the baby what the rest of the family are eating, and it takes advantage of babies’ natural curiosity when it comes to food. Advocates of Baby-Led Weaning believe it allows babies to explore more tastes and smells, encourages independence and decision making and by allowing your baby a bit more control over what they eat it reduces the chances of a fussy eater later on, as well as the risk of obesity.

Isla was 5 months old when we started introducing food. I’d sit her at the table with us at mealtimes and place a few slices of soft fruit or fingers of well-cooked vegetables in front of her.

5th March 4 An experience of Baby Led Weaning

Sweetcorn on toast…..what’s wrong with that?

It helps if the food is finger-shaped because babies will be able to grasp it easily. She was soon swiping food from the table and trying (although not always succeeding) to shove it into her mouth. Even though she only had two small teeth then, it was amazing to watch her chomp and mash the food between her gums.

I found that Isla was keen to try anything I put in front of her. Some things she spat out at first, although I often found that if I tried again a few days later she would more than likely try it then.

2nd June 2 An experience of Baby Led Weaning

For the most part, deciding what to give Isla was easy – strips of vegetables, fingers of toast or pitta, finger veg like green beans or asparagus or slices of meat or omlette and as her pincer grip improved in the following months, she could start to pick up pieces of scrambled egg and clumps of rice.

The only thing I found about Baby-Led Weaning was that it was sometimes difficult to give Isla what we were eating – a spaghetti bolognese, curry or shepherds pie for example. So I decided to mix it up a bit and tried her with some spoon fed spag bol, and she loved it. It wasn’t long before she was grabbing the spoon from me, eager to feed herself more.

14th June 3 An experience of Baby Led Weaning

That looks good!

Although this diversion with a spoon wasn’t sticking strictly to Baby-Led Weaning, using a variety of feeding techniques has worked for us as a family, and that’s the most important thing I think. Isla’s a great eater who loves a huge array of different foods, and so far hasn’t shown any fussy tendencies.

There’s a huge amount of information out there about Baby-Led Weaning, but here are my tips for happy meal-times:

  • Wait until your baby is ready – she should be able to sit up, and should be showing an interest in food (staring or grabbing at food on your plate for example).
  • Don’t worry if they don’t eat much. Babies won’t starve themselves, and just like adults they want more some days than others.
  • Make mealtimes fun – your baby will probably pick up on your signals if you’re stressing about what they eat and how much mess there is, so try to not worry too much about either, and have some fun along with your baby.
24th March 10 An experience of Baby Led Weaning

Mealtimes are fun times.

  • Try lots of things – I was surprised that Isla loves strong tasting food like curry, mackerel fish cakes and asparagus, but she does! So long as you bear in mind the usual weaning guidelines that babies shouldn’t have too much salt, sugar or any whole nuts (and cut foods like cherry tomatoes, grapes or olives in half first), then babies can eat pretty much anything!
  • Don’t stress about following all the rules, or worry about “exclusively” doing baby-led weaning. If you want to experiment with finger food and some spoon fed foods then go for it. You instinctively know what your baby is ready for and what they’ll accept.
  • It could be a good reason to overhaul your own diet – I now make food with much less salt and stock so that Isla can eat what we eat, and I don’t even notice the difference. We also eat a better variety of food than we used to because I want to give Isla tastes of as much as possible. Her grandparents marvel that Isla eats foods they have never heard of!
  • And enjoy it! I think your love of eating good food and setting up good mealtime habits will rub off on your baby, so have fun, relax and enjoy.
26th July 11 An experience of Baby Led Weaning

Isla’s a year old now and loves her food.



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Hape Dolls Houses

Did you know that the oldest known examples of dolls houses were excavated from Egyptian tombs and are thought to be over 5,000 years old? However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that dolls houses were used at playtime for children, but despite being a trend adopted over 200 years ago they are still a very popular toy today.

There are great educational benefits to playing with dolls houses because they engage children in imaginary play which is great for their social, emotional and intellectual skills, as they invent stories, tales and whole imaginary worlds for their dolls house characters. Dolls houses also encourage pretend dialogue and role-play, which are key factors in learning speech and language skills. And what’s more, role-play and imaginary play help children learn self-confidence and a strong sense of self-identity.

We’ve got a fantastic selection of dolls houses and accessories here at Babi Pur, and we’re really excited about the latest addition to our dolls house family – the gorgeous Hape DIY Dream House.

Hape DIY Dolls House Hape Dolls Houses

This Hape dolls house is a brilliant modern take on a traditional toy, with a bright and funky coloured house laid out over three floors. The Hape DIY Dream house is really clever because all the accessories and furniture are magnetic, which means children can move everything around the lovely house easily but without accidentally knocking or wobbling over furniture in other rooms.

Happe DIY 2 Hape Dolls Houses

There are also some brilliant empty wall-frames so that kids can create their own unique artwork to decorate their house.

DIY Dream House 4 Hape Dolls Houses

And of course, because it’s all made by inventive toy-maker Hape, there are some great characters to go with this lovely Hape dolls house. There an adorable set of modern family figurines, featuring all the characters from a funky modern family – grandparents, mum, dad and three mischievous kids. They are available to buy as a set, or individually. And they are so cute that they make a great toy on their own, without the dolls house.

MF Hape Dolls Houses

And all Hape toys are made from sustainably sourced wood and are created with non-toxic paint and lots of love, so they’re great for your children and for the environment too.

So, inspire your children to let their imaginations run free and unleash their inner story-teller. They’ll have a brilliant time playing and role-playing with the lovely Hape DIY Dream House. Available now at Babi Pur.


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Haba My First Ball Track – Wooden Marble Runs

Haba my first ball track Haba My First Ball Track   Wooden Marble Runs

Imagine you’re just 18 months old, life’s all about exploration, learning and discovering new things every day.  You love playing with blocks and building things but you can’t play with a marble run because they’re not suitable for litte ones under 3 Boooooo!  The marbles are a choking hazard and the box has that little red sign on with a sad face.  Well the clever people at Haba in Germany have come up with an amazing range of chunky toddler friendly wooden marble runs suitable for babies from just 18 months called the Haba My First Ball Track 

What makes the My First Ball Track range suitable for younger children

  • Big chunky pieces that are more suited to little ones including a larger ball that’s safe for under 3s
  • The connecting blocks have pegs that lock onto the track making it more stable
  • Special effect balls that sparkle, jingle and rattle down the track
  • A complete track can be built quickly and easily

toddler friendly Haba My First Ball Track   Wooden Marble Runs

From a very young age toddlers can build their very own marble run and enjoy rolling the balls down the track.  It’s great fun to do and there’s loads of benefits to early years development as well.  At first they’ll need a bit of help from mum or dad but when you’re so little you still measure your age in months and you can complete your very first track the sense of achievement is pretty epic and they’ll be rolling balls down it for the rest of the day.   Motor skills, problem solving, patience, hand eye co-ordination it’s all in there and it’s all part of the fun.

Haba My First Ball Track comes in a variety of sets that each have their own special features

basic track starter Haba My First Ball Track   Wooden Marble RunsBasic pack, this is a lovely set that curves around and makes a bell ding at the end  basic track sounds Haba My First Ball Track   Wooden Marble RunsSounds, the ball bonces over the metallophone and through the sound tubes
 large track Haba My First Ball Track   Wooden Marble RunsLarge pack, a large pack with lots of track pieces and some dominoes at the end  chatter track Haba My First Ball Track   Wooden Marble RunsChatter track, a chattering vibration followed by the ring of a bell and then a ding at the end
 mirror marvel Haba My First Ball Track   Wooden Marble RunsMirror marvel, through the tunnel, around the bend, through the archway and onto the magical mirror block


Haba My First Ball Track is made for little builders, it inspires confidence and encourages children to move onto more challenging structures. Most importantly it’s bloomin good fun, we’ve enjoyed having a bit of a play here in the Babipur office too!


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Organic Muslin Swaddles

Luxuriously soft and finely woven,  organic cotton muslin wraps are lightweight and breathable making them the perfect choice for parents who choose to swaddle their newborn baby.   Swaddling is an ancient practice that’s used in a variety of cultures and is said to help soothe and calm babies.  If you choose to swaddle your baby we’d recommend doing some research first to ensure it is done safely and also allowing enough room for healthy hip development.

Muslin swaddles aren’t just for swaddling though, when it comes to babies, every parent knows that there is one thing that must be at arm’s reach ALL the time and in EVERY room…… Where would parents across the world be without handy muslin swaddle?

They are useful for just about every messy eventuality – be it at feeding time to mop up dribbles, to catch a burp with more than you bargained for, to put over your shoulder before winding, or even just to wipe your little one’s milky mouth.

organic starry swaddles 300x241 Organic Muslin Swaddles

Here’s our top ten (actually top 12, because they are so handy!) of ultimate uses for organic cotton muslins ……

  • An all-round feeding time cloth – for dribbles, spills and burps.
  • Fold up a muslin swaddle as a make-shift dribble or feeding bib.
  • A fast drying muslin makes a perfect first nappy for newborn babies who need changing frequently.
  • Use a muslin to help when breastfeeding – whether as a cloth to catch leaks while feeding or to keep you warm.
  • For dribbly or sicky babies, put a muslin square in the cot or basket so you don’t have to change the sheets after every sleep.
  • Put one over your shoulder before burping your baby to save your top.
  • Use a muslin swaddle  as a soft and washable tissue if your baby has a cold.
  • Place a muslin square on a changing table under your baby when you’re out and about to protect them from nasties. Or use one to warm up a cold changing mat.
  • Peg them to the pram as a sun-shade on a hot day.
  • Use as a lightweight blanket or comforter for your baby.
  • Play peek-a-boo baby with them.
  • When your babies outgrow them, upcycle them into dusters!

And what’s more, muslin squares are very easy to wash, they dry quickly and they don’t take up much room in the changing bag. Who would be without them? We’ve got a great selection of organic muslin swaddles here at Babi Pur. Not only is organic cotton better for your baby because it’s soft,  contains no chemical nasties and so is perfect for delicate newborn skin, it is also better for the environment and is produced to high ethical standards.

Organic and fair-trade children’s clothes supplier Picallilly have some gorgeous designs and patterned muslins. In fact, they are starting to become well known for their brilliant range of organic muslins.

The Autumnal muslins feature patterns inspired by the autumn season that’s just coming up. Choose from the cute paw, starry cobweb or autumn leaf design.

autumn baby swaddles t Organic Muslin Swaddles There are also star prints, cute strawberries, rainy clouds, funky London busesmarching London guardsadorable red hearts and aqua blue fishes. Just gorgeous! Picalilly London Muslins t Organic Muslin Swaddles Seaside organic muslin t Organic Muslin Swaddles Our new Autunm/Winter Frugi range has some adorable organic muslins.  We love the lovely Dino Parade pattern and the colourful flower power prints, look out for the matching Frugi playsuits & babygrows and also some cute coordinating cloth nappies coming very soon! frugi swaddle Organic Muslin Swaddles Have you got any unusual uses for baby muslins? Let us know in the comments box below. You’ll find our complete range of organic muslin squares here Sioned

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Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

Hape Toys are a German toy manufacturer who not only pride themselves on the design and quality of their toys, but also on their eco and sustainable ethos.

Hape Toys’s founder, Peter Handstein believes firmly in the power of learning through play. He combined this with his love of nature, along with his beliefs in social responsibility, ecology and innovation, to start Hape Toys in 1986. The company has now grown to be one of the largest suppliers of sustainable wooden and bamboo toys in the world.

Hape toys.fw  Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

Here at Babi Pur, we think Hape Toys are just brilliant. They are bold, bright, colourful, tough, inventive and educational – all the things we look for in sustainable toys for kids. And some of our favourite Hape Toys items are the fantastic Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens and play food. Role play and make-believe are great to fire little imaginations, and your budding chefs can learn about healthy eating and good food at the same time!

We currently stock three different Hape Play Kitchens; the Hape Cook’n’Serve, with it’s two hobs, oven, utensil hooks above the hob, handy pull-out counter and a chalk board on the reverse side for chef’s notes and daily specials.

coock n serve.fw  Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

coock n serve 2.fw  Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

And to add a splash of colour to your make-believe wooden toy kitchen, then how about the Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen? There are loads of things for children to get up to with this Hape Play Kitchen, from boiling an egg, baking a cake, adding a splash of sauce and finishing by washing and tidying up. This play kitchen feels strong and sturdy and there are loads of added extras that give real attention to detail – like a hanging rail for a tea towel on one side and blue and red coloured taps for hot and cold! The Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen is available in green or white.

 gourmet kitchen.fw  Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

gourmet kitchen 2.fw  Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

And to go with your Hape Play Kitchen, your budding little chefs will need some food and accessories to go along with it. Hape Toys have thought of everything, from a gorgeous home-made pizza to an adorable sushi set and a healthy green salad bowl, so children really will get a flavour of international food!

home made pizza t Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

hape sushi set t Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

salad play food t Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

And once your little chefs have cooked up a storm, they’ll need to work out the bill, so children will love this Hape Play Till, complete with buttons, a scanner, a card machine, colourful abacus and wooden coins and notes. This Play Till is gorgeous, and is a perfect addition to any make-believe restaurant kitchen.

till checkout.fw  Hape Wooden Toy Kitchens

Now all you have to do is decide what to choose from the menu. Yum!


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