Haba Toys

The German toy manufacturer Haba are one of our favourite brands here at Babi Pur. Haba Toys were established as a small manufacturer in 1938 that has since grown to become one of the leading producers and suppliers of wooden toys for babies and children.

HABA Logo Haba Toys

Haba toys are particularly renowned for their building blocks; many of our customers grew up with Haba blocks in their toy box and so a Haba toy for their children is like a trip down memory lane!

Haba pride themselves on the quality of their toys; all of their wooden toys are still designed and made in Germany, supporting local families, businesses and economies, and working to strict environmental standards too – using wood from only sustainable German forests.

Here at Babi Pur we’ve got a great range of Haba toys. Check our earlier blog post about their fabulous wooden clutch toys for babies, but we also stock loads of different toys for older children.  These beautiful beechwood building blocks to create a marble run are ever popular, and how about this musical twist on an old favourite – a set of building blocks that play musical notes as the marbles pass over them!

haba ball track marble run t Haba Toys

haba sounds set marbles t Haba Toys

And to start your budding builder on their fun building blocks journey, how about this adorable Master Builder Set for younger children? They’ll love the bright colours, different shapes and cheeky faces, and they’ll be creating their very own fantasy land in no time!

master builder haba t Haba Toys

And it’s not just building blocks that Haba toys are great at either. We stock a gorgeous range of Haba play food, that will really spark imaginations and get kids interested in food.  There are brightly coloured fruit and veg like oranges, grapes and carrots, a delicious baguette or this adorable box of cakes for a sumptuous treat! Haba’s range of play food are made from different materials to help keep children interested – there are wooden fruit, fabric chickens and super cute soft and squidgy ice-cream cones.

haba orange t 150x150 Haba Toys

haba baguette t 150x150 Haba Toys

petit fours t 150x150 Haba Toys

haba ice creams t 150x150 Haba Toys

And there’s much more besides – from rattles to pram decorations and stacking towers to play tents. Whatever your little monkeys like to play with, we’re sure that we stock a Haba toy to match. You can find our complete range of Haba wooden and fabric toys here.

Have a happy Haba playtime!


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Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies

Any parent knows that babies love to grab, munch, chomp, dribble and chew, usually on whatever they can get their hands on. It’s a baby’s way of exploring the world and everything that’s going on around them.

But, there is a simple way to save your remote control/mobile/car keys/grandma’s earrings/dog toy/unread magazine or finger from the dribbley clutches of your little monkey, and that is to give them one of our fantastic range of wooden clutching toys for babies.

dangling max t Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies

They’ll never get bored of the fantastic shapes, bright colours and rattly noises that our toys make, each one appealing to a baby’s senses – the bright colours and shapes are good for their vision and helping them to focus, the different textures are great for developing their sense of touch and the array of sounds it makes as a baby bangs, throws or rattles will keep their ears excited! And no doubt the sense of taste will be tested too as a toy is chomped and chewed on, but this doesn’t matter because all our clutching toys for babies are made from natural products like wood or rubber and there are no nasty chemicals because any paints are water based.

We stock several different brands - Haba wooden clutching toys are brilliant because they feature really bright colours and cute characters like this adorable jungle animals clutch toy or this cute little wooden bear toy.

haba jungle caboodle t Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies

haba bear in the ring t Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies











As well as Haba wooden clutch toys we also stock the ever popular Plan Toys like these fun baby toys – the bright baby roller and the really sweet baby chain, packed with colourful charms and a variety of shapes and textures that will keep your baby entertained.

chain t Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies


PLN 52200 Roller t Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies









And it’s not just wooden clutching toys we stock either, there’s a great selection of natural rubber clutch toys, including the iconic Sophie the Giraffe and her adorable little friends like Josephine the Mouse – irresistible!

Josephine the Mouse t Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies sophie the giraffe so pure trio t Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies

So why not give your baby something safe that they’ll love to chomp, chew, rattle and roll. It’ll keep them happy and entertained and it’ll keep your fingers out of danger!

See Babi Pur’s whole range of all natural wooden and rubber baby clutch toys here.


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Maxomorra at Babi Pur

Maxomorra is a brilliant new brand for us here at Babi Pur and we’re very excited to welcome their gorgeous range onto our warehouse shelves!

maxo logo 300x42 Maxomorra at Babi Pur

Maxomorra comes to us from Sweden, a country that is fast becoming known for it’s design greats. And not only do Maxomorra kids clothes look great but they are also made great – because they are manufactured using 100% organic cotton and all their processes comply to the GOTS Certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), which means that everything is produced under fair and sustainable conditions.

Maxomorra organic kids clothes combine great durability and value with fantastic design. Their prints are bold and striking and babies and kids will love their eye catching colours and funky patterns.

The main Maxomorra at Babi Pur prints in stock are the adorable ladybirds, the funky foxes, the pretty pooches and the bright choo-choo trains, although there are others too!

Maxomorra Maxomorra at Babi Pur

Most of these prints are available in cute bodysuits or rompersuits, long-sleeved tops or trousers, and there’s even gorgeous accessories to match like adorable baby hats, mittens, footies and these beautifully soft and snuggly baby blankets.

ladybird velour blanket 300x251 Maxomorra at Babi Pur

The beauty of Maxomorra is that everything doesn’t have to be the same. Why not mix and match across the colours and patterns? For example we love, love, love these super cute purple velour dungarees, and we think they would look great teamed with the ladybird footies and pink dribble-bib.

Untitled1 Maxomorra at Babi Pur

Anyway, don’t take our word for it – head over to the Babi Pur shop now where you can find our range of beautiful Maxomorra organic baby and kids clothes now. With all this adorable Swedish style and elegance, you’ll wish you were a kid again!


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New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection

Frugi are one of those brands that we just love here at Babi Pur. We have stocked Frugi kids clothes for a while now and we think their bold designs, great quality, and not to mention their organic cotton and ethical principles, are just fantastic.

logo New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection

It’s a special year for this brilliant brand as Frugi are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2014, so its lucky that the new Frugi Autumn/Winter collection at Babi Pur has just arrived here at our warehouse, and we are pretty excited!

One of the great things about Frugi clothes is that they are designed with children in mind, so kids love to wear them. They celebrate the fact that children are children and not simply mini-adults, so their designs and prints are bright and bold and include lots of spots, stripes, adorable characters and eye-catching logos.

New for us here at Babi Pur in the Frugi Autumn/Winter range are these gorgeous organic baby romper suits with colourful characters – a delicious dino, a happy owl or a fun elephant - absolutely adorable!

frugi dino charlie romper 150x150 New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection

Gorgeous organic cotton romper suits from Frugi at Babi Pur

owls charlie 150x150 New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection

Gorgeous organic cotton romper suits from Frugi at Babi Pur

elephant red stripe romper New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection

Gorgeous organic cotton romper suits from Frugi at Babi Pur

And for older children, how about these lovely long-sleeved  tops in a fab bike design or with this playful pussycat.

frugi ella cat top t 150x150 New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection frugi spruce top t 150x150 New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection

And totally new to us at Babi Pur are the Frugi range of ethical and recycled children’s coats and snowsuits, which will be perfect for stomping around in this winter. One of our favourites is this lovely red stars pram suit…..

pram suit red star ts New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection

Frugi snowsuit from Babi Pur

As well as clothes there are a great range of organic and ethical accessories like colourful hats, stripey socks, toasty tights and snuggly PJ sets.

All Frugi clothes are made with 100% organic cotton, and they all carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. And Frugi go one step further in their quest for ethical children’s clothes – all suppliers and manufacturers that Frugi use meet the SA8000 standards too – these guidelines lay out standards that ensure the health, welfare and well-being of all their workers. This means that not only are they organic baby clothes, but they are ethical baby clothes too!

You can find the whole range of fabulous Frugi clothing at Babi Pur here

Untitled 295x300 New Frugi Autumn/Winter collection


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Crayon Rocks from Babi Pur

crayon rocks Crayon Rocks from Babi Pur

Children love to scribble, draw and create, and these brilliant Crayon Rocks are just the things to help them.

Crayon Rocks are different from ordinary crayons because they are natural crayons made from completely natural soy wax, instead of the usual paraffin wax. All the fantastically bright colours come from mineral pigments so they are non-toxic. And though we don’t recommend that any children munch on a crayon for their lunch, if they do have an accidental chomp on a Crayon Rock, they are completely safe.

crayon%20rocks%2016%20bag%20t Crayon Rocks from Babi Pur

And whilst they’re having so much fun with these brilliant natural and non-toxic crayons, kids are also developing some crucial skills. These special crayons are an unusual shape because they were developed by American Special Needs teacher Barbara Lee, who knew how important it was for all children to develop a good and strong “tripod” grip (using thumb, first and second fingers to grip). Traditional pencil-shaped crayons can sometimes encourage children to grasp them in their fist which doesn’t help them learn the tripod grip, or help them develop their fine motor skills.

The unique round shape of Crayon Rocks also really appeals to children and means they won’t snap or break as easy as traditional crayons, making them a great choice for nurseries and school groups. Crayon Rocks are available from Babi Pur in bags of 8 or 16, or in a bumper box of 64.

just%20rocks%20in%20a%20box%20t Crayon Rocks from Babi Pur

Crayon Rocks are not only a totally natural and non-toxic crayon but they’re also a brilliant tool for young children (recommended age 3+) who will love using the quirky shaped crayons and choosing from their vibrant colours. The crayons are really smooth and easy to use, which means that kids can layer colours, create fine lines and mix shades as they see their ideas come to life on paper. Just brush the finished creation with the palm of your hand for a lovely ‘oil pastel’ finished quality to their little masterpieces.

Crayon Rocks will inspire children to get creative and let their imagination run wild.


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Green Rubber Toys

Did you know that rubber is the new green?

Here at Babi Pur we are delighted to welcome stocks of some fabulous toys by a new supplier to us called Green Rubber Toys.

Green Rubber Toys 300x92 Green Rubber Toys

These brilliant animal-shaped toys are made of completely natural latex so they contain no ingredients that are harmful to kids, adults or the environment. They are all made by hand in Sri Lanka with latex sourced from the Hevea tree, so they are very special.

Before the advent of modern plastic, rubber was the main material for making toys because it was soft yet tough and durable yet natural. However, for the last half a century, plastic has taken over and this is nearly always bad news for our children and for the planet because it’s an unnatural material and a variety of chemicals usually have to be added to make it pliable, colourful or durable.

The completely natural materials of Green Rubber Toys figurines mean they are a great choice for kids, and the different sets of animals will really spark their imaginations. Kids can zoom back in time to explore the world with pre-historic dinosaurs, they can head down to a traditional farm with animals like pigs, sheep and horses or they can get really wild and escape to the jungle to meet elephants, orang-utans and tigers, and if you’ve got a water baby they’ll love the marine set with an adorable dolphin, whale and shark.

rubber green toys farm animals t 300x161 Green Rubber Toys

The latex material means they’re soft to the touch and fantastically flexible, unlike the hard plastic dinosaurs and farm animals that are so common in toy shops. Kids can throw them, bounce them, pull them and push them and they won’t lose their shape or hurt anyone or anything they’re thrown at. And, because they are finished with a toxin-free paint, it doesn’t matter if they are chewed or chomped or thrown in the bath – no nasties will escape because there are no nasties in them. They are BPA/PVC and toxin free.

These all natural rubber toys are a great eco alternative to chemical-filled plastic toys and they’ll inspire learning and play, making them a brilliant choice for playschools, nurseries and play groups too.

Green Rubber Toys come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can view our full range here.

Dolphin shark whale 900 300x76 Green Rubber Toys



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