Meet our Brands: CLOSE

close Meet our Brands: CLOSE

Pictured – Close directors Martine & Hester

Introducing ‘Close’ the brand behind the popular Pop-in nappy!

Close, creators of the multi award winning Pop-in nappy and the popular Caboo Carrier was founded back in 2004 here in the UK by entrepreneurs Martine Carroll and Claire Scott.  Back then, they were both running their own companies focused on cloth nappies and baby wearing. The Caboo Carrier was launched in 2007  and was featured on the Channel 4 series ‘Bringing up Baby’.  A year later in 2008 the first version of one of our favourite nappies here at Babipur – the  award winning ‘Pop-in’ was released.

focus on close pic2 Meet our Brands: CLOSE

Ethical manufacturing is very important to Close. They have a purposely built factory in China which is co-owned by one of the Close directors. The location was carefully considered and chosen in order to keep the environmental cost and carbon footprint down and all the materials used are locally sourced. The factory is closely monitored and inspected twice a year by the directors themselves who work hard to ensure good working conditions are upheld.  Close factory employees are provided with onsite meals, a fair wage and decent holidays.

Close continues to be family focused business and is now run by directors and parents Martine and Hester (pictured above).  The Babipur team have met Martine and Hester many times but we thought it would nice to ask Martine some questions and share her answers with you..

qanda Meet our Brands: CLOSE


We love the new prints, which is your favourite out of the Lion, Hippo, Russian Dolls and Robot?

My personal favourite is the Robot, as I have 3 boys and so I’m always drawn to the real boyish ones, but I think overall Hippo seems to be coming out top favourite!

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

We always have exciting plans for the future, just never enough time to do everything we want to do!! We will have some exciting new product launches early in 2015 though, watch this space…

What do you like to do to relax?

I used to have an allotment which I loved, but with 3 boys and a business to run it got a little neglected in the end (the boys would never come with me once they got older!) so this spring my husband built raised beds in the garden and I moved everything there, so now I love to potter around my garden full of fruit and vegetables

Who would be your ideal diner date and what would be your food and drink of choice?

My husband of course! icon wink Meet our Brands: CLOSE Just the two of us would be nice for a change… on a lovely summer’s evening I’d like a nice cool G&T followed by a lovely Italian meal…

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve  learnt since you’ve been making nappies and slings?

I think that parents sharing their experiences of using nappies and/or slings helps other parents to realise that they’re not so scary or complicated; when I first started using reusable nappies (15 years ago!) everyone thought I was crazy as they didn’t understand how easy they were to use, but these days so many more mums and dads use them and talk about them that they spread the word far more successfully, showing by example that neither nappies nor slings are really difficult and when used properly can make a huge positive impact on the environment and on parenting in general. The power of talk is amazing!

Close Pop in Team.fw  Meet our Brands: CLOSE

The Close Pop-in Team

Here at Babi Pur we’ve been stocking Close baby products for 7 years.  We absolutely love the fantastic range of  products they make  from the incredibly cute and popular  pop-in nappies to training pants,  bibs and playmats.. you’ll find them all at Babipur!


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Close V1 & V2 Pop-in – What’s the difference?

Ever wondered what the difference is between the NewGen V1 and V2 Pop-in? Well..

While the differences are only small, there are a few improvements and amendments as well as some some jazzy new colours and prints. But many of the reliable features have stayed the same -

  • Double elasticated leg gusset to contain messes
  • Soft and stretchy adjustable tabs for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Soft elasticated waist band and front adjustable poppers to provide comfort as your baby grows
  • Absorbent panel inside the outer shell between the leg gussets to catch any excess wetness

So what are the differences?

Nappy Shell

First thing to note is that the pop-in V2 is slightly bigger. It also features new washing tabs which makes things a lot easier come washing time. There’s a small Velcro tab which is tucked into the pocket flap that just pops in and out easily.  The difference between this and the V1 is that it has the washing tab on the inside back of the nappy which was against the baby’s skin. For a closer look at this, check out the video below -

The V2 also features elasticated front and back pocket flaps. This eliminates the risk of the flaps riding up when worn and makes it easier when nappy changing as the flaps won’t need to be held down.


The soakers look very similar to how the version 1 but there have been some nice little improvements.

The elastic on the back of the bottom soaker has been removed which makes the V2 less bulky and a more comfortable fit.

The snaps are now attached to tabs on the soaker rather than on the soakers themselves. Which does mean that the soakers for the V1 are NOT compatible with the V2

inside new gen Close V1 & V2 Pop in   Whats the difference?


Funky new colours and prints

The pop in nappy is still available in the lovely bright colours, the pastels and some lovely new prints. The brights colours have all stayed the same but the pastels have been updated and are now much more colourful (see below)

pastels Close V1 & V2 Pop in   Whats the difference?

There’s also some lovely new prints – The robot, lion, hippo and Russian doll. We love them all so much we just can’t choose our favourite!

focus on close pic2 Close V1 & V2 Pop in   Whats the difference?

All these lovely new nappies are available to buy on the Babi Pur website so head over to our to take a look. There’s also some great offers to be had on the V1 while stocks last, but grab ‘em quick – once they’re gone, they’re gone!


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GroVia Soaker Pads

grovia soaker pads.fw  GroVia Soaker Pads

 GroVia Soaker Pads – Stay dry or Organic Cotton?

There are three absorbent options available for the GroVia Hybrid All-In-2 nappies.  The Stay Dry Soaker pads, the Organic Cotton Soaker pads and the Biodegradable pads.  In this article, we’re going to be concentrating on the two reusable soaker pads and comparing them both to each other.  Both soakers popper into the Gro Via shell and have a breathable waterproof backing meaning the shells can be used multiple times which is great as it lightens your washing load!  (see below) soaker.fw  GroVia Soaker Pads

Gro Via Stay Dry Soaker set:

The GroVia Stay Dry Soakers offer a quick drying and absorbent option that keeps your baby’s bottom nice and dry thanks to the cosy microfleece layer on top.   The other layers of absorbency consist of a cotton/hemp blend.

  • Poppers securely into GroVia shells
  • Stay dry fleece layer next to baby’s skin
  • Perfectly shaped with leg gussets
  • Cotton and bamboo absorbent layers
  • Waterproof backing helps keep the shells clean
  • Incredibly soft wash after wash
  • 2 part construction speeds up drying time

GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker set:

If  having natural fibres next to your baby’s bottom is priority then this is the insert for you!  The absorbent layer that comes into contact with your baby’s skin is made exclusively from IMO-certified organic cotton.  The organic certification not only gives peace of mind that you have only natural materials next to the skin, it also guarantees that the product has been ethically produced under fair trade conditions.  These super absorbent Organic Cotton GroVia Soaker Pads are made from 5 layers of organic cotton in a two part construction to speed up drying time.  Organic cotton is a great choice of material for heavy wetters, long car journeys and for night time use.

  • Organic cotton next to baby’s skin
  • Poppers securely into GroVia shells
  • Perfectly shaped with leg gussets
  • waterproof backing helps keep the shells clean
  • 5 layers or absorbent cotton
  • 2 part construction speeds up drying time

We stock the full range of GroVia cloth nappies and accessories here at Babipur!  Click HERE to see our range of cloth nappies and accessories   GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper System from GroVia on Vimeo.
Jolene Barton

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Hana Swaddle Pod – Customer Review

Hana Swaddle Pod review by Emma

Hana Swaddle pod.fw  Hana Swaddle Pod   Customer Review

The Hana Swaddle Pod offers a simple and convenient way to swaddle your baby with the added benefits of bamboo fabric.  Recently added to the Babi Pur range of Muslin swaddles and blankets the Swaddle Pod is already proving popular.  Emma and her 5 week old baby have kindly tested it out for us a written this great review.


Emma writes

Like a lot of babies, mine (5 weeks) can’t sleep unless he’s tightly swaddled. I had two problems: the heat, and the fact that he seems to be a mini Houdini – however I did it he would still manage to wriggle at least one arm out, sometimes within less than a minute! So I was looking for another way…and I found it!! The Hana baby swaddle is very lightweight and soooo silky, stretchy and soft! On hot nights you can either have baby naked underneath, or dress him in a vest (which is what I’ve been mostly doing, and a sleepsuit on cooler nights. If it feels too cold I’ve laid a muslin over his tummy and legs. It is so easy to get on and off and there’s a 2-way zip so in the night for nappy changes you just unzip at the bottom, pop the legs and bottom out then put them back in after! It fits really well on his body and as it’s so stretchy he can still move his arms within it (and they always end up crossed high on his chest), although it does seem to come very high on his neck but it doesn’t seem to bother him. We use cloth nappies and it still fits perfectly over them (they are bulkier than disposables). It is so brilliant that I wouldn’t be without it, so after he was sick on it one night I decided I MUST get another so that if there are any accidents in one we still have one for him to wear. Luckily they dry very quickly. This would probably be my new number 1 present to buy for a new mother!

Love this so much I bought an extra! 

hana pod Hana Swaddle Pod   Customer Review

Check out the full range of organic cotton muslin swaddles and the Hana Swaddle Pod here at Babi Pur

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Cloth Nappy Jargon and Abbreviations Explained

nappy jargon buster.fw  Cloth Nappy Jargon and Abbreviations Explained

OK so you’ve decided to start using cloth nappies and you have a look on the internet to see what’s available.  But there are just so many to choose from and what is this new language of nappy that you have to learn, what is an AIO nappy? and what is a nappy booster? Why isn’t it just simple?

Well it is simple really and to help you out we’ve put together a list of various cloth nappy jargon  and abbreviations commonly used to describe different types and bits of washable nappies.  All in plain and simple English so that any cloth novice can get the hand of it.  If you think we’ve missed any out please add them to the comments at the bottom and we’ll edit the post to include them. Don’t forget we’re always at the other end of the phone if you need any extra help and advice.

Cloth nappy, Real nappy, Washable nappy, Cloth: 

A nappy made of fabric that you wash and then re-use instead of throwing in the bin

AIO, All-in-one nappy: 

A nappy that is all in one piece, both the waterproof outer and absorbent inner are stuck together as one unit.  Examples of the all-in-one would be TotsBots Easyfit , GroVia All-in-one and bumGenius Elemental

Pocket nappy: 

A pocket nappy consists of a waterproof shell with a fleece layer attached to the inside and in between the two layers is a pocket into which you stuff an absorbent insert. An example of this would be a bumGenius V4, Milovia Pocket Nappy, FuzziBunz Elite and Wonderoos

AI2, All-in-two nappy: 

All in two nappies are made of two parts, absorbent inner and waterproof outer, that can be fastened together usually with poppers.  Once these two parts are stuck together the nappy then resembles and all-in-one but the ability to pull the two pieces apart can speed up drying times.  An example of a all-in-two nappy would be the Pop-in nappy by Close and GroVia Hybid Nappy

Two part nappy: 

Simply a nappy made of 2 parts, absorbent nappy and waterproof cover.  The two parts don’t fix together like an all-in-two.  Examples are Flip nappy systemTots Bots Bamboozles and Milovia cover & inserts

Pre-fold nappies: 

These are a rectangular piece of toweling fabric which is folded into the shape of a pad or nappy and then needs a waterproof cover on top. These are the kind of nappies that have been around for a long time and you would picture a baby wearing with a safety pin, although we don’t use pins anymore.  Sometimes referred to as Flat Nappies

Fitted Nappy: 

An absorbent cloth nappy that “fits” around your baby with a fastening at the front and will then need a waterproof cover on top. Tots Bots Bamboozle is a perfect example

Insert or Soaker

This is usually the absorbent fabric you place inside a nappy to absorb the wee.  Depending on the brand these vary in size and shape.

Wrap, Cover: 

A nappy absorbs wee and you don’t want this wee to escape and soak into your baby’s clothes so you use a waterproof “cover” or “wrap”.  This covers the absorbent part of the nappy and contains the poop and wee. Examples of these are the Totsbots stretchywrap and Milovia Covers.


As babies get bigger and do bigger wee then you might need to “boost” your nappies.  A booster is an extra layer or absorbent fabric you put in the nappy to absorb extra liquid. Some babies needs boosting early on and some only need a booster at night time.  Example, Tots Bots bamboo boosters 


A nappy liner is a thin piece of paper that you place on top of the nappy before you put it on your baby.  This then catches the baby poo and you can simply throw it down the toilet (drains dependent) or in the bin.  Paper liners make life a bit easier and are usually made of compostable natural materials.  Examples Close nappy liners, ImseVimse nappy liners and Totsbots flushable nappy liners.

Fleece liners:

Made from microfleece material fleece liners are placed on the nappy before you place it on your baby.  This material wicks moisture from baby’s skin keeping them feeling dry.  Fleece liners are re-usable and will need to be rinsed and washed after each use. Example Tots Bots fleece liners

Aplix, Velcro, Hook & Loop: 

Commonly known as Velcro but as Velcro is a branded version it’s not always the term used.  This is the fastening used to close the front of the nappy.

Snaps, Poppers: 

Snaps are like little plastic buttons which are used to close the nappy, adjust the size of a nappy and sometimes stick different parts together

B2P, Birth to Potty:

Nappies that adjust in size from birth to potty. Examples are Totsbots Easyfit and bamboozle, Pop-in +bamboo and +minkee, bumGenius elemental and Milovia

Newborn Nappies: 

Some people say that they’re going to use disposables for the first few weeks and then switch to resuables, but we say “cloth from day 1″! Where as one size nappies are great for use from birth to potty, they can sometimes be a little big for newborn babies. Newborn nappies are great size for babies from 5lb to 12lbs.

Exaples of these nappies are GroVia AIObumGenius NewbornPop-in newborn nappy pack and Milovia covers & inserts

Peter Barton

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We’re recruiting!

Customer Service Super Star


babipur main Were recruiting!

Our customers are incredibly important to us so we need someone who can make them the happiest customers in the world, do you think you can do it?

The role

• Delivery of the best customer service to Babi Pur customers
• Processing, packing and sending out customer orders
• Processing customer accounts and payments
• Calculating order and shipping costs
• Ensuring orders are delivered to customers in the fastest time possible
• Talking to customers on the phone
• Keeping records
• Dealing with customer queries by email
• Entering postal information accurately

What we’re looking for

• Someone with enthusiasm, a love for life and a happy demeanour
• Excellent computer skills and experience with excel, word and social media
• A confident and articulate telephone manner
• A high standard of numeracy and language skills
• Meticulous attention to detail
• A desire to learn new things and take on new challenges

• An interest in ethical and environmental issues is desirable

Working at Babi Pur is fun and exciting, things are always moving fast. It’s a very busy and demanding environment so lots of energy and a positive attitude are essential.

This is a full time position 9-5 Monday to Friday with the opportunity to take overtime during busy periods.

To apply please email your CV and a covering letter to

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