Violet’s soothing baby balm review

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This week Cecilia reviews Violet’s baby & bottom balm for Babi Pur.   Violet’s balm has been tried, tested & recommended by JUNO magazine as well as Babi Pur customers!  It soothes and heals irritated skin, sinking in beautifully and it doesn’t clog up cloth nappies. Oh.. and it’s not just for bottoms!  Enjoy Cecilia’s review below….

Violet's balm

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Cecilia Meets Ula from Tula – Photo Blog

If you don’t already know Tula is fantastic babywearing brand of ergonomic baby carriers, toddler carriers, woven wraps and ring slings.  They’re known for their supremely comfortable carriers that come in the most beautiful patterns and prints.  Cecilia loves babywearing and she LOVEs Tula so when she heard that Tula’s creator, Ula, was coming to her home town of Edinburgh…. well, here’s the story.

Ceclia writes

So yesterday was a happy day for Isla and I. A lovely Scottish mama organised a playdate with Ula’s children and our little ones – Ula is Tula ’s creator and owner.
The kids had great fun playing in the park together, having ice cream and just being kids- I loved spending time with Ula and talking babies, raising children and of course, talking TULAs.

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Gecko Clothing Guest Post

Here at Babi Pur we’re were really excited when we heard about a like minded local company who are doing great things!  Gecko Clothing  create bright and beautiful clothing for babies and children that are ethically produced and eco friendly.  Gecko Clothing have great plans to create a super range of funky dungarees and pants for babies and children, ignoring old fashioned gender stereotypes.  To get this fab new brand idea off the ground Gecko clothing are running crowdfunding campaign, yes we know there are lots of crowdfunding campaigns around but this one really stands out and is definitely worth a look.  We asked Ema the founder of Gecko to write a bit about her campaign, see below….

Hello Babi Pur followers!

We have a crowdfunding campaign to create some very funky, colourful, ethical and eco-friendly, unisex dungarees and hopefully trousers: We are fed up with the gender stereotyping of our children. We believe what would be really progressive to gender equality would be to remove the segregating of what’s ‘girls’ and what’s ‘boys’ and have things that are for kids. Allow our children to make choices based on what make them happy, what brings them joy, to wear and to play with the things they love. Rather than be dictated to based on outdated ideals of what it is to be a girls and a boy. We want to liberate our little people! Check us out and support us if you can:

Every pledge makes a difference and we have a great range of rewards to say thank you for your support too. Ever backer will get an opportunity to help us create the dungarees as shown in our handy little infographic here: If you want to read more about why we are so passionate about unisex clothing you can check my article out here in the Huffington Post

Ema – Gecko Clothing



Natural and Organic Baby Mattresses

Babies sleep 10-14 hours every day.. really they do!  We know how important it is for parents to feel confident that the materials used in their baby’s mattress and bedding is non toxic and safe. It can be mind boggling to know which baby mattress to go for, you may have questions like “is my baby getting the right support?” “Is it totally natural and chemical free? “Are there added fire-retardants?” “Which material should I go for?”  So we’ve put this little guide together with information on the natural mattresses we have on offer here at Babi Pur.

Little Green Sheep

Little Green Sheep specialise in  high quality natural and organic mattresses that are entirely chemical free and totally safe. No harmful pesticides, herbicides or fireproofing chemicals are used, they’re just 100% natural. So let’s find out about their mattresses and materials used-

Coconut coir

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Violet’s Laundry Review

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This week Cecilia reviews Violet’s Natural Laundry products.. we sent Cecilia a selection of  the following 6 trial sized Violet’s Laundry products…  Violet’s Natural Laundry powder in unscented and lavender and geranium, the natural oxygen bleach, Natural Laudry Sanitiser, cloth nappy safe laundry softener and the natural laundry liquid.   Enjoy Cecilia’s review below…


Growing up in a lovely and warm Latin American country I used to love going on holidays to the small village were my father was born. Contrary to the big city where we lived, the luxury of a washing machine didn’t exist. I was fascinated watching the ladies washing their clothes with a bar of coconut soap in the river, I used to pay attention on how they used to scrub harder on stains and ‘beat’ the clothes on the rocks to make them cleaner and chatted and sang together, it was almost mystical.

Now days we tend to wash our clothes in the comfort of our own homes, which is great, however with that we miss out on the wisdom of each other’s washing routines, with so many choices, what washing products to use?

I came to live in the UK in my late teens and had to wash my own clothes for the 1st time, back then any old soap would do really!

Then I had a baby..

  • With sensitive skin
  • Eczema prone skin
  • With food ‘allergies’

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Green People Organic Sun Lotion

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My youngest daughter and I both have blue eyes and fair skin that burns very easily in the sun.  We also have sensitive skin and have to be careful with the products we use, especially on our faces.

We decided to stock the Green People range of Sun protection here at Babi Pur after using it ourselves on the whole family.  We did a lot of research into different types of sun protection and came to the conclusion that a natural and organic sun lotion was much better for our skin.

The Green People sun lotion is very easy to apply, it rubs in easily and you don’t look like a ghost when you have it on! Our whole family uses the Organic Children sun lotion as it works well for all of us, I can even get away with putting it on my face without breaking out in spots, which is what usually happens when I apply sun lotion to my face.

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Is SPF 30 high enough?

This is a question we’re often asked by our customers here at Babi Pur.  It would be reasonable to assume that a Factor 50 offers nearly double the protection of a SPF25 or SPF30, however an SPF30 lotion offers 97% protection against UVB rays, while SPF50 offers just 1% more at 98%

Applying an SPF50 could actually give a false sense of security, Green People say that some people have a tendency to re-apply less often and stay in the sun longer when they use higher factors.  This can significantly increase your risk of sun damage because you need to reapply regularly to protect from UVA damage no matter what factor you use.

What about UVA Rays?

It is the UVA rays that cause long term damage in the deep layers of your skin.  The SPF factor refers to the UVB rays and not the UVA.  To protect your skin from the UVA rays it is very important that you wear enough sun lotion and re-apply often.

Why Green People natural sun lotions?

Green people sun lotions contain a blend of minerals, the mountain flower Edelweiss and a filter derived from Cinnamon which is very effective and provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  Green People organic skincare choose only the gentle filters to help protect yours and your children’s skin from sun damage.  Their range of sun lotions are therefore suitable for people with very sensitive skin and allergies.  They protect your skin without blocking pores (which is excellent for my skin type) and it allows your skin to breathe and won’t cause irritation.  It is even suitable for those who suffer prickly heat.


Green People Organic Sun Lotion Trio

We’re giving away this fabulous trio of ORganic and Natural Skincare and after sun by Green People, you can enter below or over on the Babi Pur Facebook page.  If you would like to purchase any of these products you can find them online on our website

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