Tula Baby Carrier Review

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This week Cecilia reviews the  Tula baby carrier.. read Cecilia’s review below….

When pregnant with baby number 3 I had a lovely lady who runs a sling library showed me a few types of slings.  I fell in love with a stretchy wrap and a few woven wraps.  However I politely declined any Information on buckle carriers as I thought I was a ‘wrap sort of girl’.
Fast forward a few months, baby was here and growing, when the time came to retire the stretchy wrap, I found it was a little time consuming to wrap with a woven then completely unwrap to feed
Then wrap up again
Then unwrap for a nappy change
Then wrap up again
Having another 2 very active children to run after I decided I needed something more practical in addition to the woven wraps, that is when the idea of a buckle carrier came to my mind.  I asked a few friends to try on their few different types of buckle carriers and the Tula stood out by a long way for its comfort and practicality.

Very easy to put on, the Tula has two buckles to be fastened and that’s it, one shoulder buckle and one waist one, no complicated crossing over straps to manoeuvre from one side to the other, it really is straightforward.

The thick padding is lush, it has fully padded waist straps as well as fully padded shoulder straps making the Tula super comfortable on your back and shoulders.


Baby feels almost weightless I feel like I am carrying a little feather around not a baby, yet Isla feels very close and secure.

It is hand made from 100% cotton, Isla has sensitive skin especially on her neck and face so material is important.

It is comfortable under my arms, I can either use it very snuggly under the arm or I can adjust the straps so that it doesn’t dig on my breasts when they are full (of milk).

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Paddy’s Bathroom Natural Bubbles and Washes for Kids

Paddy’s Bathroom at Babipur

Paddys Bathroom at Babipur

Paddy’s Bathroom is a range of gentle bubbly washing products for kids made from natural and organic ingredients in bright fun packaging.  Founded by Paul Lindley who also created Ella’s kitchen which is now a worldwide household name.

Paddy’s Bathroom is BIG on bubbles not on SLS or other strong chemicals often found in many skincare products. Kids love it and best of all it does not make your kid’s eyes sting. In fact it doesn’t make adult’s eyes sting either ha ha.

NO Parabens
NO Phthalates
NO Sulphates
NO GMO Ingredients

The current range includes two lovely body and hair washes with natural mango and pineapple frangrances, a shiny hair shampoo, a hand wash and our favourite the bubble bath. Lots of bubbly fun without the synthetic chemicals.

Paddys Bathroom Range

We love the colourful packaging, it really appeals to kids.  Our children have sensitive skin and we’ve given these products a good old testing without any skin irritation at all which is great.

We stock a wide range of natural skincare for you and your children here

Paddy’s Bathroom also have a great initiative in they’ve created called “Drop buy Drop” where around 32p from every product bought is given towards a clean water project in Africa. At the moment they’re working with the government in Rwanda to get water filters to families in the poorest areas providing them with clean and safe drinking water. Check out the video to see this project in action.


Close Reusable Breast Pads Review

We asked Cecelia to try out the Close Reusable breast pads..  read Cecelia’s review below…..


The grandparents offered to babysit for a rare night out with the husband.  Our first date since Isla was born 9 months ago.  The first thought on my mind should had been what to wear, instead I worried about missing the 10 pm (ish) feed, what if I flooded the cinema with milk? Continue reading


BBSlen Woven Wrap Review

Using a ‘woven wrap‘ to carry babies and toddlers  is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK.  They may take a little getting used to, learning to tie a woven wrap can seem daunting to begin with but parents soon get the hang of it!   Babies can be carried in a wrap from birth,  and the woven fabric offers great support and and the most ergonomic way of carrying for both baby and the wearer.

We’ve just started stocking the Babylonia BBSlen here at Babi Pur, we love the ethics behind the brand and we just couldn’t resist the lovely bright colours and designs!   We asked Charlize who’s been wearing her baby for nearly a year to try out the BBSlen and let us know what she thought if it.  Read Charlize’s review below…

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Win a HABA doll

Children get a lot out of playing with dolls.  A doll is a friend, someone to take care of and someone to cuddle up to!  Haba dolls are popular because they make great little play mates for your children. They’re soft and cuddly and they come with removable clothing and shoes so that kids can dress and undress them. HABA dolls are great for a wide age range, suitable from as young as 18 months they’re often given as a first doll to be treasured for years to come!

How would you like to win a HABA doll from Babi Pur?  We’re giving away a sweet little HABA doll called Felicitas, she has lovely red hair and she’s wearing a pair of bright red dungarees.  Enter our competition below for your chance to win a lovely HABA doll!

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